Protect Your Family with Tommy L. Thigpen

Protect Your Family with Tommy L. Thigpen

Defending You and Your Family in Valdosta or Thomasville, GA

As a Valdosta Juvenile Court lawyer, I see how having a child removed from your home can be a devastating event that causes worry, fear, and the anxiety that comes from knowing your child has been placed in foster care or with anyone but you. The Department of Family and Children Services sometimes oversteps its boundary and removes children from homes without the evidence necessary to show that the children are dependent within the meaning of the juvenile code.

Hire the Right Lawyer for Your Family

I aggressively fight against DFCS and challenge the allegations that they present in court. Most of the time, a protective order could be issued that addresses the issues, but rather than seek this protective order, DFCS would simply rather place children in foster care. Let's stand up against DFCS and bring your children back home where they belong.

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